It's what I do.

I have a passion for the world of design and visual arts. I’m profoundly inspired the nature of graphic design, the elements that go into good composition, and how to best use that creativity in order to create impactful design in everything from print to web, and even motion graphics for my clients. My job as a visual storyteller is to help communicate your ideas to your audience in the most effective way possible. I can help you choose the medium of that message in addition to the design and delivery of it. I also have a background in creative writing and can even help you craft that message.

I’ve worked in the design industry here in Reno for over 15 years with clients local, national, and global. My focus in graphic communications has traditionally been corporate design centered around print, packaging, branding, and marketing materials. This experience I have gained helps me work with clients to cultivate a unique look and feel to each of their products and services. I want you to feel that the design work I produce is something that can stand the test of time and grow as your organization grows. These ideals apply to promotional materials, POP signage, uniforms, trade show booths and every other aspect in the manufactured and physical realms of design. But while my field of concentration revolves around the world of print and packaging, I’ve been fortunate enough in my career and studies to also work on animation, game design, web design and video production and the care and creativity I bring to my work is a foundational aspect of how I approach all realms of design.

I currently teach graphic communication and motion graphics at Truckee Meadows Community College but continue to offer freelance work in graphic arts and media technologies. It’s a pleasure working in a field where the range and direction of what I might be asked to do in design each day is growing exponentially, so I am ready to discuss any new approach to the promotion or sales in your business or organization that I haven’t already mentioned. I am happy to be an active member in a community of designers and communicators who help people find a voice for their product, their service or their message. Contact me and let’s talk about how best to bring your passion to your audience.