Who is Felix Danger?

I’m one of those weird looking creative types. I actually think anyone can find ways to think creatively and express themselves - but I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a LOT of my time finding ways to do just that. I paint and draw. I write short stories.  I’m even a singer in a local punk rock band.


And yes, I’m a designer. Visual design for me is both expression and obsession. I’m guessing not everyone spent their teens redesigning logos from the phone book and I can't help but look through all the fliers, coupons, and even junk mail I come across to see how well they're communicating their message. But that’s why I’m designing websites, logos, and packaging that i communicate for you. I spend most of my time awake thinking about it, and I love to do it.

Who are you...and how can I help?

Hopefully you’re also doing what you love. If you can find that one thing that allows you to make a living and be happy, then I want to work for you. I want to help you succeed at your own obsession. I want you to realize dreams, find fulfillment and shoot the moon...all while paying the bills and getting ahead. That means my work should communicate all of that passion effectively to your audience. So let’s sit down and talk about what you want to say and who you want to say it to and I’ll help get that word out.

Make a clear statement.

It's not enough to speak loudly. We need to speak clearly. Whether that's a website, or a trade show booth, you often only have seconds to say who you are and why that matters. We'll distill your statement so it's understood right away.

Make a bold statement.

 Make an impact. We'll find your voice and turn up the volume for your business, your art, your talent, and your mission. I'll work with you to choose the right medium and the right method to speak and be heard.

Make a working statement

And let's make those images and words work for you and not the other way around. We can establish goals and measurements for your message and make sure it does what it's supposed to do for you.