It's what I do.

I have a passion for design and visual arts. It hasn’t always been easy to build on that passion. I had some growing up to do when I left high school and then had to balance work and study later in life. I worked within the industry and learned a great deal but often didn’t understand the actual reasoning and the specific methods that I was only using instinctively. When the company I worked for closed its doors, I was initially terrified. I had years of experience but design is a highly competitive career and I was entirely self-taught. I knew that it limited the value that I could bring to an organization. I swallowed my pride (and my anxiety) and chose instead to become a full-time student so that I could truly learn about my craft. I’ve been profoundly inspired as I’ve taken courses about the nature of graphic design, the elements that go into good composition, and how to best use that creativity.

The mentors I’ve found in the Graphic Communications program at Truckee Meadows Community College opened my eyes to new careers, new ideas about visual communication, and for me, even new forms of art. I’ve been fortunate enough in my studies to work on animation, game design, and video production as I continued to cultivate my skills in print design and branding. I look at the avenues now available to me and want to learn all I can. I recognize that my passion has always been there, but only now do I see how much I can do with it. It’s a hard lesson to learn late in life but it gives me the drive to push twice as hard.

I am excited to be earning my Associates Degree in Graphic Communication, but I’ve only scratched the surface of the knowledge available within the design world. I love working in a field where the range of what I might be asked to do in design each day is growing exponentially.  I want to be an active member of a team of designers and communicators that help everyone find a voice for their product, their service or their message.